Attempting to PXE boot new computers returns PXE-E74 error
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Attempting to PXE boot new computers returns PXE-E74 error


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Customer received shipment of new Lenovo laptops.  When attempting to PXE boot any of the computers, they all returned the error message;

PXE-E74: No MAN_INFO or OS_INFO options found.
PXE-M0F:  Exiting Intel PXE ROM.
Operating System not found

Attempting to boot any other computers, the PXE operation performed properly.


The Intel Boot Agent (IBA) version 1.3.36 to version 1.3.50 do not allot enough memory space for the PXE Menu to be loaded on the client computer.



Intel Boot Agent version 1.3.51 and higher address this issue and properly receive the PXE Menu.

BIOS with IBA before 1.3.36 can be used to address the issue.

Lastly, Intel states the number of characters in the PXE Menu can be reduced, but does not provide information as to the size that is acceptable.

******************* DISCLAIMER*******************

The following link is to Intel’s download center where the 1.3.51 PXE BOOT AGENT can be downloaded and a partial update to the BIOS can be performed. This is provided for you, the user, to look at and determine if this process is right for you. This upgrade is not support by Symantec and the link is only provided as a service.


Error message of "PXE-E74 bad or missing PXE menu and or prompt information"

Version 15.1a (v1.3.51) corrected an issue where PXE boot fails if DHCP option 43 is present, but option 60 is not. This issue appears when a large boot menus requires transmission of multiple option 43 fields.

Boot Agent upgrades must be obtained from your system vendor as part of a BIOS upgrade.


Applies To
This is all versions of DS and

Computers that have the Intel Boot Agent version 1.3.36 - 1.3.50

Known computers are;

Dell systems with the A20 BIOS

Lenovo Thinkpad systems, Montevina (T400, T500, etc.), and Calpella systems (T410, T510)