Error 1 during script execution in WinPE automation
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Error 1 during script execution in WinPE automation


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A job is created that includes a Distribute Disk Image task followed by a Run Script task.  When the Distribute Disk Image task completes, the Run Script task is run but a status of, "Exit 1 during script execution" is returned and the script doesn't complete.


It was found that incorrect credentials were being used to the map the drive.  There was enough permissions on the account being used to map the drive in WinPE to allow the imaging task to occur, but not enough to allow the run script task to occur.

We have also seen a case where imaging was using one boot option and then the script was using a different boot option (and different accounts were being used to authenticate). The password had changed for the account used for the script.


Modify the WinPE 2.1 boot option to use a local admin account instead of a domain account.  Also consider creating a new local account on your Deployment Server, give this account full control of just the eXpress share and then use this account within the WinPE configuration.

If passwords have changed, verify that the password has been updated in all PXE automation environments.

Applies To
Deployment Server 6.9 SP3

WinPE 2.1 automation