How are filters updated
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How are filters updated


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IT Management Suite


Some filters get updated with the Delta Update (default of every 5 minutes).
Some filters get updated with the NS.Daily scheduled task.
And some only get updated when the user clicks the "Update Membership" button.

What is the difference?


The Delta Resource Membership update schedule will only touch filters that are associated with an active filter via a "Target’.

The Complete Resource Membership schedule will update filters that are associated with policies that are both enabled and disabled. 

Some filters have no associations with anything. They are not associated with any update schedules.

Attached is a report you can import which will enable you to see what filters have not been updated in a specified amount of time (in 'n' hours).

Also attached are a couple of queries that may help you determine what filters are updating and how.

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Filters not updated in N' hours.xml get_app
Filters needing manual update.sql get_app
Filters by Target and Policy Association.sql get_app