A machine other than a task server configured through site servers is trying to access the database.
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A machine other than a task server configured through site servers is trying to access the database.


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Task Server


When  you open up the NS Log Viewer, you see messages like this:

Process: w3wp
Thread ID: 194
Module: w3wp.exe
Source: Altiris.TaskManagement.ClientTask.*
Description: BaseXmlHttpCallback Exception: Altiris.NS.Exceptions.AeXSecurityException: A machine (IP: ###.###.###.###: Host: ###.###.###.###) other than a Task Server configured through Site Servers is trying to access the database.
   at Altiris.TaskManagement.ClientTask.BaseWeb.ExecSqlCommand.WriteResponse(XmlTextWriter wr)
   at Altiris.TaskManagement.Common.XmlHttp.BaseXmlXmlHttpCallback.WriteResponseRaw(XmlTextWriter xwr)
   at Altiris.TaskManagement.Common.XmlHttp.BaseXmlHttpCallback.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)


There are computers that have the Task Service installed that are communicating with the NS even though they have not been setup under Site Management.


This can happen after rebuilding your Notification Server environment.


Resolution 1:

The Site Servers are not configured under the Notification Server's Site Maintenance page. They need to be configured there in order to have permission to access the NS DB:

1) Navigate to Settings -> Notification Server -> Site Server Settings
2) Ensure that the Site Server shows up in the list of Site Servers
3) Make sure the Task Sevice is installed on the site server - needs to show up as "Active" with a Green header.   
4) You may need to restart the Client Task DataLoader and Object Host Service on the Site server
5) You may need to run the NS.Delta Resource Membership and NS.Policy Changed Scheduled tasks on the NS.

Resolution 2:

If the machines in question are not supposed to be authorized task servers, remove the Task Service from the machines. You can remove the Task Server by following the directions under the "Complete Removal" section of article, "Client Task Server will not reinstall correctly after being removed."


Applies To

Symantec Management Platform (Any Revision)


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