The aexsvc process terminated due to an unhandled exception
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The aexsvc process terminated due to an unhandled exception


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IT Management Suite


The Altiris service stops and will not restart.

This error is found in the windows event viewer under the application log: The AeXSvc process terminated due to an unhandled exception. Details: System.XMl.XMlException: Root element is missing.


Coresettings.config file was empty. It became corrupted for reasons that are unknown.


Verify the coresettings.config file is corrupt. You can find the file under: Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Config\coresettings.config
     ...You may find that the file is "empty" or find corrupt characters scattered around the file.

When you open the coresettings.config file be sure that the Altiris Services are stopped. If the services are not stopped, there is a non-zero chance that you will corrupt the file when you open it.

Open the coresettings.config.backup file and verify that it is not corrupted. If the backup is good:

  1. Ensure the Altiris Services are Stopped
  2. Rename the coresettings.config file to coresetting.config.old.
  3. Rename the coresettings.config.backup file to coresettings.config.
  4. Restart the altiris services and other services.

Applies To
Symantec Management Platform SP3