Scheduled tasks not running due to user account issue
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Scheduled tasks not running due to user account issue


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IT Management Suite


Customer have noticed following issue. 

Discovered all the NT Task Schedules had status of "could not start"
 - all the run as accounts in the schedules were blanked i.e. the account show is whatever account you are logged on to the server with at that point in time
 - logged on to server as the NS Service account 

 - Ran repair of SMP platform
 - this did not fix the account on the schedules
 - deleted all the schedules (sent to recycle bin) and ran repair of SMP platform again
 - none of the schedules were recreated
 - restored schedules from recycle bin
 - changed all schedules manually to use account "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM"
 - schedules all started working again

1. The account is not correct on the schedules
2. If schedules are deleted, repair did no appear to put them back
3.have to manually reset account each day if this does not get fixed


Please check the "AT service account"
1.) Open Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks.
2.) On the Advanced menu, click AT Service Account.
Is the account System or another account?
Note: You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group.
You can also check if the issue is out side of the product by...
1.) Open Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks.
2.) Create a customer schedule like open notepad.
3.) Wait to see if it changes with the others.
Note: We recreate all our schedules once a week on the weekly schedule (NS.Weekly.{ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2}).
If the weekly schedule is not there, then copy the command line from below schedule and run it on the your NS.
Schedule: NS.Weekly.{ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2}
Command line: "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\bin\ScheduleProcessor.exe" {ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2}

NB! You do not need to do a repair on  the SMP to recreate the default schedules.

You just need to run the schedule... NS.Weekly.{ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2}

Applies To
Symantec Management Platform SP3