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Set a Form TextArea Component with mulltiple-line text in CA Service Catalog.


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How to get a CA Service Catalog(SC) Form, TextArea-Component setup with mulltiple-line text?

To get a TextArea form-field populated with default text when the form opens.



Windows running CA Service Catalog 14.1(and 17.0)


Perform the below steps to accomplish this:


1. In SC/Catalog/Forms/Forms, Create a form with a component of type 'Text Area'. 

The _id of the form = form2 

The _id of the field = txta 


2 Add the following script to the form: 

nl : function() { 

ca_fdSetTextFieldValue('form2', 'txta', 'l1' + '\n' + 'l2'); 


3 Next, in the 'onLoad' of the form, enter the function-call: 

4 Save the form(change). 


5 Create a new offering/service/service option with this form.

6 Open a new request for that service-option.

> The field will show a 'default' multi-line value (First line shows l1, 2nd line shows l2).


Additional Information

As per design, this can only be done through a form-script-function.