Application Server Installation Failure
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Application Server Installation Failure


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Control Compliance Suite Unix Control Compliance Suite Windows


During an AppServer Installation, despite having appropriate SQL Credentials the installer fails to create SSIS Packets which causes a rollback of the AppServer installation

· Only the AppServer Installation fails during an ‘All in One’ installation

· The AppServer fails to install during an ‘AppServer Only’ installation
· Error dialog on the completion dialog in the wizard – ” [Error::Details:

    Activity 'Name = CSM.InstallAppServer; DisplayName = Application Server; Dependency = After CSI.Anchor.CSIExecuteSequence; FailureBehavior = FailAndRollbackActivity' failed: MsiInstallProductW failed while installing: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.PLUTO\Local Settings\Temp\CSMSetup\Media\Application Server\AppServer.Msi
    Reason: Fatal error during installation]”

· Error dialog in AppServer.csi.log – “CSIActivityHost 4:CSI Cus...FileCopy Information Exception in CreateSSISPackages::Run Package: Symantec\SMSync\CHECKS_SECTIONS_EXCEPTIONS creation failed with error: Microsoft (R) SQL Server SSIS Package Utilities Version 9.00.1399.06 for 32-bit Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-2004. All rights reservedDescription: The package failed to load due to error 0xC0010014 "One or more error occurred. There should be more specific errors preceding this one that explains the details of the errors. This message is used as a return value from functions that encounter errors. This occurs when CPackage::LoadFromXML fails. Rolling back entire sequence and stopping”
· Repeated attempts at installation fail in exactly the same manner
· SQL Management Studio fails to connect to ‘Integration Services’ on the SQL Server


SQL Client tools are improperly installed Note: Users not using SSIS Packets may otherwise be unaware of a problem with their SQL installation


Uninstall and reinstall SQL Client Tools

Technical Information

How this can happen:
1. A user installing SQL selects to install MSSQL 2005 Server, Integration Services and Client Tools however SQL Management Studio does not get deployed - (This can happen because the SQL install is contained on a 2 disc set and the Microsoft installer allows you to select to install SQL Server Components and Client Tools from Disk 1 but later fails to find the client tools installation on Disk 1 and does not request Disk 2)
2. Unaware Management Studio was not deployed the user next installs SQL 2005 SP2 which installs without error
3. After SQL is deployed the user determines SQL Management Studio is unavailable
4. The user loads Disk 2 from the SQL installation set and reinstalls Client Tools and subsequently verifies that Management Studio was installed
5. As is customary the user the reapplies SQL 2005 SP2 which at completion now indicates that “A recently applied update, KB921896 failed to install”
6. Afterwards neither SQL Management Studio nor the CCS AppServer Installation can connect to ‘Integration Services’ which causes the CCS Installation to fail to create SSIS Packets and rollback