How to register a Unix agent using a resource name
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How to register a Unix agent using a resource name


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Control Compliance Suite Unix


Configuring a new Information Server for Unix.



Log on to the Unix host as root

How to register UNIX hosts with multiple IP addresses please refer to the following article;

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Run following setup script: ./
The script is located in the following directories:

For AIX and Linux: /usr/local/BindView/bvcontrol

For SuSe Linux, Solaris and HP-UX in the following directory: /opt/BindView/bvcontrol

For example:

Next select the a option a out of the list of options given;

Select one of the following options.
a : Register agent to use resource name and password for querying.
c : Register agent to use native Unix credentials for querying.
d : Delete registered agent.
n : Notify configuration data.
q : Quit to exit.

Enter your choice [a,c,d,n,q]:a

bv-Control for UNIX needs to exchange keys and configuration data with the Information Server.
IP address or system name can't be empty.
Enter the ( IP Address) of the Information Server:

Next is just a label if you would like to group;
Enter description to identify this machine on the Information Server:
An example could be Unix or AIX or what ever you wish...

The next step will be bv-Control for UNIX needs to setup authentication via passwords.
You will need to add a Resource Name and password for this machine.
The password must be an Alphanumeric string containing no spaces.
After you enter this information, you will need to configure a credential database in the RMS Console with this information.
*** Warning: Please do not use a User Name and password in the /etc/passwd file ***

Specify the resource name and password. ( This is what will be used to setup the credentials in the Control Compliance Suite application.)

Resource Name:

Use the resource name and password that will be exchanged with the Control Compliance Suite administrator. The Control Compliance Suite administrator will need to enter this information in the credentials database during configuration.

Next you will have to enter a resource password;

Please enter a Password to be used for authentication:

>> Password must be an alphanumeric string with at least 8 characters and maximum 15 characters. <<

A confirmation that the Information server has been updated with the new address will appear, and then the system prompt.

The Control Compliance Suite administrator must verify they can see the host in the Control Compliance Suite Information Server Console.