How to create a dashboard in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Reporting & Analytics
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How to create a dashboard in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Reporting & Analytics


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Steps to create a new dashboard.




Three main steps are involved in successfully creating a dashboard in CCS Reporting & Analytics. They are:

      • create a dashboard
      • configure the dashboard
      • collect data before viewing it in the dashboard.
    Once the dashboard is saved, the new dashboard appears in the Hierarchy section, and the name of the dashboard appears at the top level. You can create new evaluation sections and evaluation nodes under the dashboard's root node.

    NOTE: Hierarchical dashboards are available in CCS Reporting & Analytics v.8.6 and v.9.0.1. Hierarchial dashboards are not available in CCS Reporting & Analytics v.9.0.

    Follow these steps to create a dashboard:

    1. Open the Reporting & Analytics Console. Click Dashboards | View Dashboards. On the navigation bar click Common Tasks, then click New Dashboard.
    2. In the New Dashboard dialog box on the Settings tab, type a unique name for the new dashboard.
    3. Select the Trend Window option, which determines the amount of historical data that is displayed in the dashboard.
    4. Select the Default Display Scale for the dashboard from the following options:

      · Daily
      · Weekly
      · Monthly
      · Quarterly
      · Yearly

        NOTE: The default can be changed when viewing the data in the dashboard’s Summary tab.
    5. Click Apply to save the dashboard. The new dashboard has been created.
    6. To configure the dashboard, click New Section. The new evaluation section is created under the dashboard. The default section name is highlighted.
    7. With the evaluation section highlighted, click New Evaluation to add an evaluation node.
        NOTE: For more information, see "Adding an evaluation node" under Help in Reporting & Analytics.
    8. In the Create Dashboard dialog box, do one of the following:
    9. Add addtional sections or evaluation nodes to the dashboard if necessary. To continue adding additional evaluation nodes to this dashboard, go back to step six.
    10. To save this configuration for this dashboard, click Apply.
    11. Finally, collect data before viewing iti n the dashboard by running the standard evaluations that are referenced under each evaluation node.

Online help within the CCS console.