Login failed for user NT AUTHORITY \ ANONYMOUS LOGON
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Login failed for user NT AUTHORITY \ ANONYMOUS LOGON


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Error message when running RMS report generation job - Error message " Login failed for user NT AUTHORITY \ ANONYMOUS LOGON"


The following steps will help resolve the given issue:

  1. Login to the DPS Reporter machine and click on Start > Run > Services.msc.
  2. In the services window, right click on Symantec Data Processing Service > Properties > Logon tab
  3. Change the Logon as from Local System Account to the Service Account.

Note: The Service Account used by a DPS that is assigned to the Reporter role must have the following characteristics:

  • Must be a Domain user account.
  • Must be a member of the local administrator group on the computer that hosts the DPS.
  • Account must have access to the reporting database.
  • Account must be a member of the "db_datareader" and "db_datawriter" groups for the reporting database. In addition the account must be granted the Delete, Execute, Insert, and Update privileges.
  • A DPS Reporter must be installed in a domain user context.
  • Account must have the "log on locally" privilege.

A utility to set the account privileges is included on the DPS. The utility is <install directory>\DPS\ChDPSAcc.exe.
The Port field lists the TCP/IP Port the DPS uses to communicate with the Application Server. The default port is 3993
The roles checked in the DPS Role(s)checkboxes are assigned to the registered DPS.