How does SCSP Symantec Critical Protection function with Solaris Zones
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How does SCSP Symantec Critical Protection function with Solaris Zones


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Critical System Protection


How does SCSP interact with zones?






How does SCSP interact with zones?   
SCSP may be installed in either or the global zone or local (non-global) zones independent of each other, as with other virtualization products, such as VMWare.  The only exception is that SCSP installed in the local (non-global) zones do not have the Prevention features available.

    • What features will be available with zones, if different than standard.   
      When installed in the global zone, all SCSP IDS and IPS features are available the same as normal.  When installed in a non-global zone, only the detection feature sets are available. The agent for non-global zones do not appear in the Prevention view of the console, only the Detection view (similar to platforms that have no IPS support).
    • Does SCSP only get installed on the host, or on all the virtual zones  
      When installed on a host with zones configured, the agent is installed in the
      global zone ONLY.  Installation in the global zone does not propagate the SCSP agent to all non-global zones. To install in non-global zones, you may either log into each zone and perform an install in that zone, or you may perform a batch install from the global zone.
    •  and if it is only on the host, does the IPS/IDS protect all the zones.  
      As mentioned above, the SCSP agent operates in each zone autonomously.  In the global zone, the agent may only protect global resources or processes running in the global zone. In local zones, only the IDS features are available (similar to platforms with no IPS support - such as AIX, HP-UX).