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Error 1311: Secure channel is broken when trying to install a query engine


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Error 1311: Secure channel is broken when trying to install a query engine


Reset the secure channel on the target computer by performing the following steps:

1. On a domain controller in the target domain, login with an account that has domain admin rights.
2. Open a command prompt. Click Start | Run | then type "command" without the quotes.
3. Type the following command "netdom reset/ myworkstation" without the quotes.
NOTE: Myworkstation refers to the computer name of the target computer, while is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the domain where the target computer resides.
4. Run the query engine installation again.

NOTE: The Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack must be installed on computers running Windows XP Professional for Netdom.exe to work. This tools pack is installed by default for computers running Windows Server 2003.


Technical Information

The secure channel is used to validate the member servers or workstations membership in the domain, based upon its hashed password. This discrete communication channel helps provide a more secure communication path between the domain controller and the member servers or workstations.  It can also be used to change the accounts password, and to retrieve domain-specific information, handling NTLM authentication pass-through to the domain controller, or from DC to DC for the same.