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"Access denied" or "Insufficient rights" in bv-Control for Windows query results.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


"Access denied" or "Insufficient rights" appears in bv-Control for Windows query results.



Computers are offline or the Query Engine (QE) service account does not have permissions to the target computer.


To determine if the computer is available, follow these native troubleshooting steps:

  1. On the RMS Console computer, click Start > Run. Type CMD in the open box.
  2. Type PING {TARGET_COMPUTER_HOST_NAME.EN_US} at the command prompt.
  3. A "request timed out" response may indicate the target computer is turned off or not connected to the network.
    NOTE: ICMP traffic must be allowed on the network for the these steps to work.

If an IP address is retuned try the following:

  • Verify that both the RPC Server and Remote Registry services are started on the target computer.
  • Verify that administrative shares are enabled on the target computer. For more information, see Microsoft Technet article Q314984 at
  • Consider using other Windows native tools to connect to the target computer. For example:
    • Map a drive to any hidden share on the computer (eg. C$)
    • Remotely manage the computer using %windir%\system32\compmgmt.msc
  • Try logging onto the target computer using the QE service account.

If any of these troubleshooting steps return errors, contact your network administrator.