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Error while loading task status window


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


After launching the RMS Console, the Task Status window does not come up automatically.


  • An Error "A critical failure occurred: error 0x4005"

Description : Timeout expired.
ErrorSource : Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, Native error 0x0, HelpFile:. error 0xe21.
Description: Multi-step OLE DB operation generated error. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.
ErrorSource: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, Native error 0x0, HelpFile:." comes up while loading task status window.

  • "Unable to find job results in result set table. Execution summary not available" may appear in the task list log.



The JobResultsSet table in the BV SQL database has reached its maximum capacity. This error will occur when the RMS Console Task Status window is full of completed jobs (datasets). The Task Status window for every registered RMS Console user is stored in this same table. Modify Solution as follows: To resolve this issue: If possible, have each registered RMS Console user launch the RMS Console Task Status window and delete as many jobs as possible. If the Task Status window will not open, records must be manually removed from the JobResultSet table in the BV SQL database. If you are not familiar with SQL Enterprise Manager, please contact Technical Support before attempting these steps:


To resolve this issue:

METHOD 1: Modify the BV Database (if the Task Status Window does not open)

WARNING: Incorrect use of Microsoft SQL Server may prevent the software from functioning properly. Special care should be taken when making changes to any SQL Server database or table. Modifications should only be performed by people with experience in the use of SQL Server. It is recommended that a complete backup of the database be made prior to making any changes.

  1. Exit from RMS Console.
  2. Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager or SQL Management Studio.
  3. Browse to and expand the BV database.
  4. Select Tables.
  5. In the right hand pane right click JobResultSet. Choose open table-return all rows.
  6. Delete a few rows from this table.
    • Note: Although there is no harm in deleting all the rows at once, it is recommended to delete only few of them.
  7. Save the changes and close the table.
  8. Launch the RMS Console, click on the Task Status window, see if it comes up.
  9. If same error comes up, repeat steps 1 through 6 till the time the Task Status window comes up.

METHOD 2: Have RMS Users perform Task Status maintenance (preferred method)
1. Have each registered RMS Console user launch the RMS Console.
2. In the Task Status window, have each user delete as many completed jobs as possible.
3. Restart the RMS Console.

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Technical Information
Task Status window contains only unsaved queries.