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How to customize Ghostoem32.exe provide with the Ghost Recovery Kit


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Ghost Solution Suite


You are unable to customize the Ghostoem32.exe file using the "-oemfile" switch as specified in the instruction manual.

When trying to customize the Ghostoem32.exe file using the "-oemfile" switch, you receive the error: "ABORT: 35016, Cannot update Ghost program: Permission denied
Check Ghost is not Read Only, and Disk is not Write Protected."


Unlike16-bit ghost.exe, Ghost32.exe or Ghostoem32.exe cannot modify themselves while they are running.


The solution is to use a different switch “-envexe” that is used to modify a different copy of Ghostoem32.exe. This information is included in the PDF file accompanyiong the Recovery Kit.

Customizing GhostOEM32:
When customizing GhostOEM32 you must use the switch -envexe in conjunction with other OEM customization switches.

The syntax for this switch is as follows: -envexe=fullpath
where fullpath is the full path of a copy of GhostOEM32.exe that is not currently running. GhostOEM32.exe has to be the last part in the named file path.

For example:
GhostOEM32 -envexe=c:\folder\GhostOEM32.exe –oemfile

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