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Step by Step How To use File Transfer functions in pcAnywhere.


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If step by step documentation is required for how to use the File Transfer functoins in pcAnywhere, then the following can be referenced.



File Transfer.
Remote Machine

File transfer can be gotten to in one of three ways. By selecting File Transfer from the Session Manager while in a remote control session, by right clicking on a remote connection and selecting Start File Transfer or a Remote can be configured to start in File Transfer mode.

1. To change to File Transfer while in a remote session select File Transfer from the Session Manager.

2. To start a Remote once in File Transfer mode right click on the remote and select Start File Transfer
3. To change a remote to always start in File Transfer Mode right clicking on an existing remote and select Properties for the Remote.

4. On the Connection Info tab change the Start Mode to File Transfer.

5. Click OK.
6. Note that the Icon has changed for the Remote. This is the File Transfer Icon.


7. Start the File Transfer Remote by double clicking on the remote in the list of remotes available in pcAnywhere.

8. Note the File Transfer looks very similar to 2 windows explorer windows listed side by side.

a. There are a few options available depending on what will be transferred.

    i. For example if a file or older is selected in the left window you can then use the

button to send the file or folder to the right window.

    ii. A transfer from right to left can be made
    iii. A synchronize of the two folders can be made
    iv. A clone from left to right can be made
    v. A Clone from right to left can be made
    vi. To mark files that are different between two folders a Compare Folders can be made.
    vii. Files can be deleted or renamed
    viii. And the properties can be seen of a file or folder.

9. Once a file has been selected you will get a prompt to confirm the action.

10. The file will be added to the Command Queue click OK

11. The status of the files transferred can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

12. Once the files are transferred the status will say Command complete.

13. Change to Remote Control in the Session Manager to confirm that the files are now indeed in the location that you transferred them to if you were transferring files to the host.

14. From the Session Manager select End Session.

15. Click Yes and make sure that the check box is selected for the Host accepts another call If this box is checked then the host will re launch after the disconnection and will be available for connection later.