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When PXE booting a client computer, you receive the errors PXE-T00 and PXE-E36 and need to how to proceed.


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When trying to PXE boot into Windows PE, you receive PXE errors T00 and E36 and need to know how to troubleshoot the problem.

This error message appears on the client computer and shortly after that, the computer boots to the next device in the Boot Priority list.


These error messages can appear if the DHCP Scope options are either not configured or are incorrectly configured.


These errors were resolved in one instance by configuring DHCP Server Scope Options 66 and 67 as follows:
  1. Click Start
  2. Click Administrative Tools
  3. Click DHCP
  4. Expand the DHCP Server
  5. Expand Scope
  6. Click Scope Options
  7. On the right-hand pane, right-click in the white area and select "Configure Options..."
  8. Make sure that the following options are selected and configured:
    • Option 066 Boot Servere Host Name
      • String Value: computername of PXE Server
    • Option 067 Bootfile Name
      • String Value: /boot/pxeboot.n12