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Licensing Ghost Solution Suite 3.x (Ghost 12.x)


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Ghost Solution Suite


How is the Ghost Solution Suite 3.x  (Ghost 12.x) software licensed?


Ghost is licensed in terms of the number of computers imaged (created or restored) by Ghost and/or the number of Console Clients installed. When you install the Console client on a computer, that machine counts as one client seat/license. When you create or restore an image to a computer, that machine used one seat/license. The Console will keep track of the number of client computers it manages, but it is up the user to keep a tally of the total number of licenses used. A license can be reclaimed by wiping the drive of an image restored computer or if that computer was never restored with an image, then by uninstalling the Client Software and deleting the client from the Console.

  • There are two types of licenses. There are ' workstation ' licenses and ' server ' licenses.   Workstation licenses are consumed by systems running workstation OS's and Server licenses are consumed by systems loaded with Server OS's 
  • You may install the Console more than once as needed, but bear in mind that no single installation of the Console will keep track of all the computers being used with Ghost.
  • Until you license the Console, you will have 30 days to use 10 machines. After that the Console will stop working.