How prevent the tapes in SCRATCH status to be mounted?
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How prevent the tapes in SCRATCH status to be mounted?


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


Migrated to new VTS tape ranges and tape copy process is going on to copy from OLD VTS to NEW VTS.

How we can prevent to mount the OLD tapes in scratch status ?  and how prevent to write on these OLD tapes ?



To keep the volumes from being written on we can:

- use the scratchpool READONLY 

Specifies the name that you assign to the READ ONLY scratch subpool. The name can have up to 13 characters. The nnnnn parameter is an optional user-defined suffix that can be used to qualify the subpool further. The RANGE= keyword is the only valid options for this keyword. All other keywords are not allowed. 
This statement would go into the TMOSCRxx member of CTAPOPTN. To activate  it you would need to run TMSINIT. After it is activated CA 1 will prevent  any type of write to those tapes. 

- we can change the status of these volumes from SCRATCH TO DELETE using the TMSDELET utility. Always CA1 will prevent any writing to the tape.

The way to prevent the mount would be to either delete the tape from the VTS or when it is scratched, put it back into private status in the TCDB so that it won't mount it for a scratch request.