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You need to automate the restore of an image from a CD/DVD but find that the CD-Rom drive letter is not consistent in Windows PE and this prevents you from automating the restore of an image from CD/DVD.


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Ghost Solution Suite




Windows PE drive letter assignment to storage devices may not be consistent.


The following are examples of "if statements" that could be Incorporated into your Ghost batch file from the Ghost Boot Wizard:

1.  In the Ghost Boot Wizard, at the screen titled "Symantec Ghost Boot Wizard - Review", click the "Start Editing" button and replace the contents of start.bat with the following:

cd \ghost
rem --- This will create primary OS drive configuration ---
ghost32.exe /setosdrives /blind >> x:\ghost\startlog.txt

if exist c:\ghost\image.gho x:\ghost\ghost32.exe -clone,mode=restore,src=c:\ghost\image.gho,dst=1
if exist d:\ghost\image.gho x:\ghost\ghost32.exe -clone,mode=restore,src=d:\ghost\image.gho,dst=1
if exist e:\ghost\image.gho x:\ghost\ghost32.exe -clone,mode=restore,src=e:\ghost\image.gho,dst=1
if exist f:\ghost\image.gho x:\ghost\ghost32.exe -clone,mode=restore,src=f:\ghost\image.gho,dst=1

2. Click the Stop Editing button.

3. Click Next to complete the package creation.

Note: You may need to include additional lines in the script for associated drive letters depending upon the number of hard drives or partitions and devices attached to the machine.