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Throttling Symantec Ghost to reduce the load on the network


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Ghost Solution Suite


Can the speed at which Ghost send information be limited to improve network performance for other computers?

The network may be sluggish. Some routers or switches may be flooded.



Ghost uses as much network band width as possible. This means that there is less bandwidth for other computers and applications.


Ghost has an option to throttle the bandwidth used. For starters, set the limit to 150 MB/min.

  • From the GhostCast Server, click on File > Options. Listed is ' Limit data throughput for ',
  • From the Conosle, the setting is part of a task definition. Right click on the task and click on the Network tab.

See the document 'Network performance: Data Transfer Mode, Throttling, and Client traffic in Symantec Ghost' available at

Technical Information
Development has indicated: Ghost divides throughput value uniformly over a time slice of 2 seconds and writes those number of bytes in each time slice.