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PXE-E3B TFTP error - File not found.


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Ghost Solution Suite


The error will typically appears just as the TFTP Service starts.


When looking for the file, the path in 'Transmit files directory' in File Transfer tab of Control Panel's 3ComTFTP item is added to the path given in BOOTPTAB. For example, if C:\TFTPBOOT is specified in the 'Transmit Files Directory' and TEST.PXE in BOOTPTAB file, it will look for C:\TFTPBOOT\TEST.PXE. Conversely, if you enter C:\TFTPBOOT\TEST.PXE in BOOTPTAB, it will look for C:\TFTPBOOT\C:\TFTPBOOT\TEST.PXE and will fail with the error, "PXE-E3B TFTP error - File not found".


  1. Open the BOOTPTAB editor.
  2. Double click the Name item you have been configuring.
  3. Look at the box labeled ' Image '.
  4. If it includes a reference to the C: drive or a folder on the C: drive, take that part out and leave only the file name.
  5. Click on OK.
  6. Click on File > Save.
  7. Run PXE again.