How to create a network trace using Wireshark.
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How to create a network trace using Wireshark.


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Create a network trace (Packet Capture) with Wireshark to troubleshoot a network issue.



Download and install the Wireshark tool following the on·screen instructions of the setup.
Before configuring Wireshark, make sure to prepare the process to capture the network trace of, so that it is ready to be started in step 6 below.

1) Double·click the Wireshark desktop icon to start the program.

2) Select Capture and then Options.

3) Select the network card being used from the drop·down menu at the top of the Options window.

4) Shut down any other applications that might be causing network traffic to avoid their (in this case not relevant) activity showing up in the network trace as well.

5) Click Start to start capturing traffic:

6) Once the packet capture has begun, start the process to be analyzed and let it run until the behavior to be investigated has occurred. WARNING: Packet captures can result in fairly large files if left running for long.

7) Once the necessary data has been captured, select Save As from the file menu and save the file with a relevant file name.

Send the freshly created file to support for analysis.