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Setting a Static IP Address in WinPE 2.0


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How can a static IP address be set in WinPE 2.0?


Use the NETSH command from a command prompt. The syntax for this would be:

netsh int ip set address local static (ip_address) (subnet_address) (default_gateway)

For example:

netsh int ip set address local static

(IP address of with a Subnet Mask of and a Default Gateway of would be set on the "Local Area Connection").

If there is more than one NIC then you can specify which connection you want by changing the local to Name="Local Area Connection2" which would work for the second connection. This can be confirmed by doing an IPCONFIG /ALL.

DNS can be set in a similar way:

netsh int ip dns local static (dns_entry) primary

For example:

net int ip set dns local static primary