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"Error 15210: NTFS signature, should not be FAT32" occurs when using Ghost on a machine that previously had an Altiris image deployed to it.


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Ghost Solution Suite


After Ghost is launched, the user interface appears and before any selections are made you get the error 15210.


Altiris' deployment solution alters the MBR in such a way that during boot, the machine goes through a "Bootwork routine" (Altiris terminology) that has the machine check a central server for software updates and installations. This alters the MBR in such a way that Ghost does not recognize the MBR as the correct format.


The MBR must be reinitialized. To do this, use a utility like GDISK (included with Ghost Solution Suite) or FIXMBR.
  1. Copy the file Gdisk.exe to a bootable floppy disk.
  2. Boot the computer to DOS using the boot disk.
  3. Enter the following command:

    GDISK # /MBR
    Note that the symbol # needs to be replaced with the disk number.

Switches: GDisk