Does Ghost work with encryption software?
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Does Ghost work with encryption software?


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Does Ghost work with encryption software?



Ghost is compatible with Symantec Endpoint Encryption, and it is possible to create an unencrypted image of an encrypted machine from within Windows or from the SEE Access Live CD environment once the correct user credentials have been entered.

With regard to other encryption products, there are no exact rules regarding the use of Ghost with encryption software. Some encryption software does not affect Ghost processing at all while others have to be removed before Ghost can work properly. The bottom line is to test encryption software in a non-production environment before implementation. If you can create and restore an image without error and start the operating system successfully then Ghost works with that encryption software. If errors are produced then contact the vendor of the encryption software to reconfigure it or remove the encryption software.

For more information about encryption software read the following:

  • "Ghost can capture an image of a drive that uses BitLocker Drive Encryption or other software based disk or volume encryption.?" at:
    KB 151726

Symantec Technical Support recommends imaging when the hard drive is in a decrypted state.