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How to load a VMDK file as a disk.


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Ghost Solution Suite


How to load a VMDK file as a disk


  • Ghost 11.0 and earlier were not designed to work with virtual machines and are not supported.
  • Only Ghost 11.5 and newer have been tested and are known to work.
  • Please use VMWare 6 or newer and only the Workstation version.
  • VM disks drive numbers start at 50.

Follow the below instructions:
  1. To load a VMDK file as a disk you will need to run Ghost32.exe with the switch -ad=
  2. From a command line, type:
    "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Ghost\ghost32.exe" -ad=C:\\.vmdk

  3. Ghost will open and the VM can now be selected as a disk.

The Vmdk disk is listed as a drive 50 disk and can be chosen to then take an image of or restore an image to. (see screen shot below.)