Deploy Center Toolkit - Fixes included in PQDisk Build 1515
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Deploy Center Toolkit - Fixes included in PQDisk Build 1515


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Ghost Solution Suite


What fixes were included in PQDisk Build 1515?


1). ‘Resize Min’ on NTFS partition would fail under certain conditions, issue resolved – Now PQDisk will keep trying values until resize is successful.

2). ‘Move’ would fail in some circumstances in VistaPE, issue resolved.

3). ‘Move’ and ‘Resize’ in the same script was problematic, issue resolved – PQDisk behaves better when updating/retrieving drive layout to/from the OS so that drive layout is in a good state before the next script operation is processed.

4). Added support for MSRE (type 27) partition manipulation. PQDisk treats type 27 partitions as hidden NTFS with drive letter assigned in VistaPE

5). PQDdisk (dos) reported partition errors for certain Vista Diskpart created partitions, issue resolved.


Contact Symantec Technical Support at 800-634-4747 to obtain the build 1515 for PQDisk in executable form. Before calling for support, make sure you have your support contract information handy so that a support ticket can be created as quickly as possible.