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Error 28000 "Sybase ODBC driver adaptor server anywhere invalid user name or password"


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Ghost Solution Suite


What is error 28000 about?

You have migrated the Ghost database from an older installation of the Ghost Console. When you start the new Console, you get the error.


The database was not backed up properly. As of Ghost Solution Suite 1.1 and Ghost 8.3, a new step is required when doing a backup the database.


The Ghost database user name and password must be backed up as described in the document "How to move the Ghost Console to a different computer or retain Console settings during a reinstall" located at On the old Console, back up the database properly and apply the backup to the new installation of the Console.

You may also be able to resolve the issue as follows:
  1. Reinstall the old Console.
  2. Restore the database to the old Console.
  3. Upgrade over the top of the old console.