Symantec Ghost: IBM/Lenovo Laptop fails to boot after cloning an image.
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Symantec Ghost: IBM/Lenovo Laptop fails to boot after cloning an image.


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After deploying an image of an IBM/Lenovo laptop computer to a new machine the destination machine will not boot to Windows.   No ghost error will be seen but the client machine may boot to a blinking cursor or a black screen.  


Deployment solution, Ghost solution suite, Ghost standard tools 


This behavior usually occurs as a result of problems with the boot sector. Try the following to resolve the issue.

  • Create the image with the use of the -ib command line switch.
  • The PreDeskTop prevents the laptop to boot up. The PreDeskTop must be Disabled in the BIOS under the Security, or Advanced tab depending on IBM model. Some models list PreDeskTop under Security, Fingerprint, PreDeskTop Authentication.
    • The path to the setting for IBM G40 Thinkpad:-- BIOS, Security, Predesktop = 'Disabled'
    • The path to the setting for Lenovo Think Center -- BIOS, Security, FingerPrint setup, Preboot Authentication = 'Disabled'
  • Both the source and target hard drives should be installed in the IBM computer during the imaging and restore process so that they are embedded in their native IBM BIOS environment. In some cases, cloning the hard drives on a different computer results in the IBM proprietary boot record not being properly defined.