Error: "Error 1208 Network error" when navigating to a system, workgroup, or domain
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Error: "Error 1208 Network error" when navigating to a system, workgroup, or domain


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Ghost Solution Suite


While performing a remote client install, you attempt to navigate to a system, workgroup, or domain and the following error message appears: "Error 1208 Network error." When you click the details button to this error, a window gives the following statement: "The computer is not active in this domain" or "The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available."


1. The cause of this problem is that Ghost is not communicating correctly with the client computer. 2. On a 2008 Server, the Computer Browser service is not enabled and active. This service is disabled by default.


For Console machines running an Operating System other than 2008, to get Ghost and the client computer to communicate correctly
  1. Check that the system, workgroup, or domain is visible from a refreshed view of the Network Neighborhood. To refresh the results shown in Network Neighborhood, press the F5 function key when the results of Network Neighborhood are displayed. If the resources are not displayed or inaccessible, Ghost cannot perform a remote client install to this system.
  2. Ensure that all required settings outlined in the document How to install the Ghost 7.5 Client are correct. Check for the ability to perform a traceroute, nslookup, and ping command from both the Console and Client machine using the IP address and NetBIOS name. For further information on network settings Ghost may need to perform correctly, read the document How the Ghost 7.5 Console and Client communicate over the network.

For Console machines running 2008 Server
1. Open up services window
2. Enable and start the "Computer Browser" service.
A. Right click the Computer Browser service, choose properties, under the General tab select the Startup type desired and click OK.
B. Start the service.

You will now be able to browse the network within the Supported Domains List.