VM:Batch; transfer job
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VM:Batch; transfer job


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Is there a way to transfer where a batch job will run?

We did a z/VM upgrade and one of things we still have to do is update the SYSTEM NETID file.  Our VMBATCH won't submit jobs without it.  We have the entry, SYSTEM NETID coded as ABCD.  If the SYSTEM NETID is not coded, then z/VM defaults to the value on the System Identifier in the SYSTEM CONFIG file. 

Is there a way to tell  VMBATCH to transfer the jobs from ABCD to ZVMV6R40 ? 



Release: all

Component: VM:Batch


Take one of the jobs in question and change its DEST to ZVMV6R40.  
When the job is submitted, and DEST option is not set, it defaults to the current node. 
VM:Batch checks the DEST set and if it isn’t the current node, it looks at the job as a remote job to go to an alternate destination.  This is why you're receiving message VMHSYS450E Destination node 'ABCD' not available; Job not submitted. 

You may have to check the default files to make sure DEST is not set in them to the old node name.

But for current jobs, try changing DEST to the new node name and see if the job will run then.


Additional Information

 You can change the options on any job that you have submitted to the server. A job's options can be changed any time before the job begins to execute.

 To identify the job whose options you want to change, enter the jobname or the jobid of the job.  If you submitted the job to or from a remote VM system, enter the appropriate node-ids in the

 FROM and DEST fields.



For more information, see the section titled  "Changing Job Options" in the VM:Batch Administrators reference.