How to verify the integrity of a Ghost image file
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How to verify the integrity of a Ghost image file


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Ghost Solution Suite


This document discusses how to determine whether a Ghost image file is corrupted.



Ghost Solution Suite 
Deployment Solution 


Ghost includes a feature for testing the integrity of an image file.

To run the integrity check from Windows

  1. Run Ghost32.exe or Ghost64.exe. By default they are located at :

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Ghost
  2. Choose Local > Check > Image File.
  3. Browse to the image file and click Open.
  4. Choose Yes to proceed with the integrity check.


When done, Ghost displays a message that reports the results of the integrity check.

Using the results
When done checking the file, Ghost will either display a message indicating the process has completed successfully or a message indicating a problem with the image file.

  • If Ghost indicates a problem with the image file, create a new image file.
  • If Ghost does not indicate problems with the image file, and you cannot successfully restore the image file, determine whether there is corruption on the source drive. Read the document How to handle a corrupt image file.

Running Ghost from within Windows
Note that launching Ghost from within Windows only works to perform Integrity Checks. Do not perform a cloning operation while in windows.