Ghost compatibility with Solid State drives
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Ghost compatibility with Solid State drives


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Ghost Solution Suite


You want to know if Ghost is able to clone Solid State Drives (SSD)


Generally if an SSD drive is presented to the WinPe boot environment as a standard hard drive then the Ghost executable will be able to create and restore a ghost disk image.  In some drives a warning will be resented that a SSD drive has been detected and that the use of the -notrim switch should be used.   It is advisable in these cases to include the -notrim command line switch.   See KB 185033 for more information on using ghost command line switches. 

Opal SSD drives are a new Self encrypting drive technology.   Because these drives are encrypted WinPe will likely not be able to see the drive correctly and won't successfully be able to have an image created or restored.    

Symantec is working to expand the hardware that Ghost works on but at this time Opal SSD drives are not supported.