What do the Health Check Messages mean?
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What do the Health Check Messages mean?


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Allocate DASD Space and Placement


What do these Health Check messages mean: VAMHC006; VAMHC008; VAMHC009; VAMHC010 ?


Release: ESBALQ99000-12.5-CA-Allocate-DASD Space and Placement-with Quota Manager-Extende


The following are normal CA Allocate start-up informational messages which
are simply displaying a logic-flow of modules. 
VAM000I VAMHC006 CCTVC50  ~RMID(RESERVE)~ 20100222 16.56
VAM000I VAMHC008 CCTVC50  ~RMID(RESERVE)~ 20100222 16.56
VAM000I VAMHC009 CCTVC50  ~RMID(RESERVE)~ 20100222 16.56
VAM000I VAMHC010 CCTVC50  ~RMID(RESERVE)~ 20100222 16.56


Additional Information

The following Health Check messages indicate that something is considered abnormal:
VAMHC006 HEALTH POOR - See VAMH0061E in Message Guide.
End-of-Volume Support disabled.  This could be caused by:
 - No EOV or EOV_VSAM Environmnets coded
 - PLSLEOV  (N) Launch of EOV disabled
 - PLSLEOVV (N) Launch of EOV_VSAM disabled
 - PLSV37   (N) EOV hooks not installed.
VAMHC008 HEALTH POOR - See VAMH0081E in Message Guide. 
This is caused by Vkgparm PLSZSEC set to (N).
Non-VSAM data sets allocated with no secondary space will fail with a D37-04 abend
when the primary space is exhausted.
Setting PLSZSEC (Y) will temporarily change the '0' secondary amount to '1' which will
result in the EXTEND Environment being launched just as if the data set was originally
allocated with a non-zero secondary.
Caution is advised setting PLSZSEC (Y) because this will affect every allocation, even
system data sets that should have no Secondary value.
VAMHC009 HEALTH POOR - See VAMH0091E in Message Guide.
This is caused by Vkgparm PLSOPT10 set to (N).
Setting PLSOPT10 (Y) is beneficial so that SMS allocations can be adjusted by DIF/RTF
and so that EXTEND and EOV can act on the SMS allocations. 
Please see Knowledge Doc TEC565055 for the details about specifying the DIF/RTF statements.
VAMHC010 HEALTH POOR - See VAMH0101E in Message Guide.
This is caused by Vkgparm PLSOPT94 set to (Y).
Setting PLSOPT94 (Y) is beneficial because this will cause 8 additional hooks to be
removed when VAM is shutdown.  The benefit is that when applying PTFs that modify
those 8 modules, an IPL can be circumvented.
PLSOPT94 (N) (the default) was designed to eliminate the “LIFO” order of intercept
removal if an installation has other products that also have intercepts at the same
points as CA Allocate.
Please see Knowledge Doc TEC1967841 for the details of these 8 hooks and
how to make PLSOPT94 (Y) active if it currently set or defaults to (N) .
If you have any questions, please contact CA Technical Support.