Switches: Bad disk
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Switches: Bad disk


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Ghost Solution Suite


You want to know what switches Ghost has for working with defective hard disks.


This document describes the switches related to disks that may have corrupt data, such as when a sector is unreadable due to physical damage on the disk surface.

    Note: These switches are applicable only to fixed disks, and not to removable media.


      Handles bad FAT clusters when writing to disk.
        • If this switch is set, and the target partition is FAT, Ghost checks for and skips up to 500 bad sectors, and creates a file that lists the bad sectors. This option may substantially slow Ghost operations.
        • Without this switch, Ghost aborts when Ghost encounters a bad sector.

      In Symantec Ghost 7.0, you can specify the number of bad sectors to skip. When Ghost encounters more bad sectors than specified, Ghost aborts. Symantec Ghost 7.5 does not allow you to specify the number of bad sectors.


      Use the disk's verify command to check every sector on the destination disk before it is written to. The action Ghost will take when a sector fails depends on the -BFC switch.


      Forces Ghost to continue cloning even when the source disk contains bad blocks.
    For a description of other Ghost switches, see the document Switches: Alphabetical list of switches.