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How to manually update the antivirus signatures for XP Embedded in Symantec Enterprise Protection 5.1


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Endpoint Protection for Windows XP Embedded


How to manually update the antivirus signatures for Symantec Endpoint Protection for Windows XP Embedded 5.1?



By default the Symantec Policy Manager (SPM) will download the definitions from - if this should not be possible for any reason, the SPM can be configured to download contents from an alternative source.

To manually download the XP Embedded antivirus definitions for SEP 5.1 follow these steps.

    • Create a new folder on the drive where you would like to host the files ("c:\avdefs" in this example).
    • Save the following lines into a file sep5_AVsig_download.bat (or download one of the attached files) in the folder created above.
    • Run the script manually once - it should download a file "avupdateinfo.txt" and a file named similar to "sign20081020170900.daz".
    • In IIS create a new website, or virtual directory, that points to the folder created above (using a virtual directory "avdefs" under the default website in this example).
    • In the Symantec Policy Manager, go to Policies - "AV Signature Libraries" and select "Change Online Update Settings".
      • Select "Specify your own URL" and type in the full path to the avupdateinfo.txt file shared on IIS in the steps above ("" in this example).
      • Click "Download Signature Library Now" - the new definitions should be downloaded and applied within one minute.
    • If desired, schedule the script to run using the Windows scheduler and schedule the SPM to download them from your website automatically using the "Change Online Update Settings" dialog.


Starting with 5.1.9 MP5, the AV engine on the agent was updated - newer clients use V5 AV engine definitions and older use V4 (in an environment with a mix of old and new clients there may be a need to download both sets).

The URL and batch scripts required to download the V5 definitions are listed below: 



SEP5_AV5sig_download_wget.bat get_app
SEP5_AV5sig_download_curl.bat get_app