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How to configure a LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Distribution Center to use the UNC protocol


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LiveUpdate Administrator's Distribution and Download Centers can be either intranet HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or UNC servers, or a directory on a standard file server. How do I setup a Distribution Center to use UNC?



Log into your LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x)


  1. Go to Configure > Distribution Centers

  2. Click on Add to add new Distribution Center location:

    This screen has two parts: the upper part is to add locations & the lower part is to add products to the entire Distribution Center.

  3. Fill out the fields as desired. Be sure to select the proper Distribution center type intend to use this for.

  4. Click on Add to add new Location details

  5. Add all the information to the fields indicated
    • If you are using a UNC share location server, and the user is an account on a remote system, ensure that the user has read/write access to the named share ("root directory"). If the user does not have the required permissions to the shared folder, the test will fail.
    • The login id for a UNC location server should be in the format computername\username, where computername is the name of the computer where the UNC share resides

  6. Select the Protocol as UNC

  7. Status of DC location can be checked on the main Distribution Center page

  8. Add products to the location by clicking Add button from Products section


NOTE: To add multiple locations repeat steps 1-7.

Full details and LUA 2.x configuration and use can be found in the Symantec LiveUpdate™ Administrator 2.2 User's Guide.

Technical Information
Once the LUA 2.x server is configured, export the client settings file and copy it to all clients that will receive their updates from the LUA server. If valid login credentials for the UNC location are not contained in the Settings.Hosts.LiveUpdate file, the Log.LiveUpdate entries from clients will display the following entries:

[date and time] -> Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_BATCH_START: Files to download: 1, Estimated total size: 0
[date and time] -> Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_FILE_START: URL: "\\lua2xserver.domain.local\clu-prod\minitri.flg", Estimated Size: 0, Destination Folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\LiveUpdate\Downloads"
[date and time] -> Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_FILE_FINISH: - NOTE - URL: "\\lua2xserver.domain.local\clu-prod\minitri.flg", Full Download Path: "(null)" HR: 0x802A0017
[date and time] -> Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_BATCH_FINISH: HR: 0x0 , Num Successful: 0

Adding a username and password which has permissions for the UNC share will resolve this issue. Export the modified Settings.Hosts.LiveUpdate file, copy it to all clients and they should thereafter be able to connect and retrieve updates from the LUA 2.x Distribution Center.

Windows NT note: Do not use a UNC location for Windows NT clients and servers. If you use a scheduling utility, LiveUpdate can't connect to a UNC location unless the LiveUpdate files reside in a shared resource on the Windows NT server that all users are authorized to access (a NULL share).