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How to upgrade a client from a non-manager server using the "Download the client package from the following URL (http or https)" option.


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Endpoint Protection


You want to host a client install package on a web server for installation instead of downloading the package from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).

Example Scenario: You have two (or more) sites with only one SEPM managing both/all sites. Upgrading the remote site may require too much bandwidth for each client to download the package from the SEPM. Instead, hosting the file on a local web server keeps the bandwidth on each LAN.


NOTE: This functionality was introduced in MR4 MP2 (11.0.4202). Only SEP clients of MR4 MP2 and above will be able to successfully upgrade from a web install.

A. Export a Client Install Package from the SEPM:
1. Click the Admin tab, then click Install Packages.
2. Click Client Install Packages, then click the package to be exported from the right-hand pane (32-bit or 64-bit)
3. Click Export Client Install Package...
4. Browse to a directory where you would like to save the exported package.
5. Leave the box to create a single .EXE file checked.
6. Set the remaining features as you require (Note: If you are migrating from a previous SEP build, any changes you make to the default settings will not be applied unless you select to un-check the "Maintain existing client features when updating" when applying the install package to a group later -- See Step C below).
7. Click OK to export the new package.

B. Host the Install Package on your Web Server.
(Note: At this time, there is not any one specific, recommended or supported Web server that must be used. Any Web server that can serve files via http or https should work.)
You can test to make sure the file is being properly hosted by the Web server by downloading it from another computer. If you can access and download the file from a web browser, then SEP should be able to access the file as well.

If using Internet Information Services (IIS), after adding the


to the proper website there is necessary to add new MIME file type in the properties of the proper virtual directory:

1. Go to the proper website, right click the virtual directory where the setup.exe file is listed and select Properties

2. Go to HTTP Headers tab and on the bottom under MIME Map click on File Types

3. Click on New Type button and add new file type:

Associated extension: EXE

Content type (MIME): EXE file

C. Apply the Install Package to a Group:
1. In the SEPM, go to the Clients tab.
2. Select the group you want to upgrade.
3. Select the Install Packages tab.
4. Under Tasks, select Add Client Install Package.
5. Under Download Source, select "Download the client package from the following URL (http or https)"
6. Enter the URL to the setup.exe file.
(Example: http://IP_address/SEP_Install/setup.exe)
7. Click OK to save the settings to the group.