Is the embedded database service running?
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Is the embedded database service running?


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Endpoint Protection Network Access Control


The Symantec Embedded Database service is not running.



In certain circumstances, such as in the case of a port conflict with the embedded database, the Symantec Embedded Database service will fail to run. This error indicates that a problem has occurred with the service.



Note: To check if this issue exists or has been resolved on the computer in question, download and run SymDiag

Typically, this error is accompanied by other problems, and is almost always a symptom rather than a cause. Verify that the no other errors are being reported by the support tool. If the support tool does not report any other problems, contact Technical Support with the report that the support tool generates.

To submit the report

  1. In the Support Tool, click Tasks.
  2. Under Tasks, click Save Report.
  3. After you save the report, click Submit the report, and follow the instructions to open a case with Technical Support.