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How to install Symantec Endpoint Protection in a workgroup environment


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Endpoint Protection



When installing the Symantec Endpoint Protection client via the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager in a Workgroup environment (not on a Domain), we will require the following prerequisites:

    1. Disable Simple File Sharing on all target clients.
    2. Disable the Windows firewall, or enable communication on TCP ports 139 and 445 and UDP ports 137 and 138.
    3. File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks is enabled.
    4. The C$ and Admin$ shares on the target clients are accessible from the Manager system.
    5. There is an password-protected Administrator account common to all target systems that are being simultaneously deployed to.

NOTE: If there is no commonly named Administrator account on the target systems in the Workgroup, the client software will need to be deployed to each system individually from the Manager with the appropriate Administrator credentials entered into the Find Unmanaged Computer screen.