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Sweeping SEPM log data from the database manually.


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Endpoint Protection


How do you clear the logs in the SEPM?


You can sweep log data from the database manually by following this procedure:

Preliminary Steps:
Increase the Site Properties Log Settings to their maximums to prevent an automatic sweep of the database until after a backup occurs.

1.Open Admin and choose Servers
2. Right click the Site level and choose Properties.
3. Choose Log Settings.
4. Set each value here to the maximum entries and days (999999999 entries, 9999 days)
5. Click OK.

NOTE: Remember to set these values back to their original settings after the sweep procedure is complete.

Run a Database backup.

1. Choose the Database icon under the local site in the Admin Server view
2. Under Tasks, click Backup Site Now

Run the Sweep procedure:

1. On the computer where the manager is installed, open a Web browser and type the following URL:


2. After you have performed this task, the log entries for all types of logs are saved in the alternate database table. The original table is kept until the next sweep is initiated.
3. To empty all but the most current entries, perform a second sweep. The original table is cleared and entries then start to be stored there again.