Symantec Endpoint Protection Site Status Report displays Memory Usage over 100%
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Symantec Endpoint Protection Site Status Report displays Memory Usage over 100%


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Endpoint Protection


When running a Site Status Report on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, the Memory Usage section displays over 100%

On the Site Status Report, it will show Poor Health Status of the server, and display the Memory Usage over 100%. Additionally if you have set up a notification alert for this condition, you will be receiving alerts informing you of this situation.



This will occur when the Committed Memory or Virtual Memory (Page File) is using more than the total Physical Memory (RAM). The report is the ratio or result of the division of the operating system's Total Committed Memory / Total Physical Memory. For example, computers with 1GB of RAM, and using 1.5GB of the Page File will show 150% Memory Usage. It has also been observed in virtual environments, that the virtual machine may cause the Virtual Machine to excessively use or incorrectly report committed memory and could trigger this condition and is not the fault of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager or its Site Status Report.


This is related to performance problems about not having enough Physical Memory (RAM) in relation to the size of the Virtual Memory (Page File). To improve the ratio and get the memory usage down, you will need to take action on one or more of the following options

  • Increase the Physical Memory (RAM)
  • Decrease the size and or Virtual Memory (Page File) usage
  • Resolve any issues with Virtual Machines and their excessive or inaccurate Virtual Memory usage