How to add a rule using the "Add Firewall Rule Wizard"
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How to add a rule using the "Add Firewall Rule Wizard"


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Endpoint Protection


How to use the Add Firewall Rule Wizard.


Use the Add Firewall Rule Wizard to create one of the following types of rules:

  • Application rules: A rule that is based on a specific running process that attempts to use network resources

    Host rules: A rule that is based on the endpoints of network connections

    Service rules: A rule that is based on the protocols that are used by network connections

You may need to include two or more criteria to describe specific network traffic, such as a particular protocol that originates from a specific host. You must configure the rule after you add it, because the Add Firewall Rule Wizard does not configure new rules with multiple criteria.

When you become familiar with how rules are defined and processed, you may want to add blank rules and configure the various fields as needed. Note: A blank rule allows all traffic.

To add rules with the Add Firewall Rule Wizard:


    1. In the console, open a Firewall Policy. See “About editing policies” on page 327 of the "administration_guide.pdf" located in the "Documentation" folder on CD1.
    2. On the Firewall Policy page, click Rules.
    3. On the Rules tab, under the Rules list, click Add Rule.
    4. In the Add Firewall Rule Wizard, click Next.
    5. In the Select Rule Type panel, select one of the types of rules.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Enter data on each panel to create the type of rule you selected.
    8. For applications and hosts, click Add More to add additional applications and services.
    9. When you are done, click Finish.
    10. In the Rules list, right-click any field to edit the rule.
    11. When you are finished with the configuration of this policy, click OK.