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Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager is slow to respond with large numbers of groups in the environment


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Endpoint Protection Network Access Control


You have a large number of groups in your Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager environment. When you open policies or modify policy content, the console is slow to respond.


A workaround is available in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 11.0.2 Maintenance Release 2, Maintenance Patch 1.

To work around the problem
  1. Click Start > Run, type %TEMP%, and click OK.
  2. Open the file "sesm.xml" in a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. Locate the following line:

  4. Change the value "true" to "false" and save the file.
  5. Close Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and open it again.

To reverse the workaround, change the value to "true" again.

In Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 Maintenance Release 3, locationcounting=false is the default setting.

With this workaround in place, the following two features of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager are unavailable:
  • On the Policy Overview pane, you cannot see which groups are using that policy. Instead you see the message "This feature has been disabled by configuration"
    ( "The group list is currently hidden" in Maintenance Release 3)
  • When viewing policies, the Location Use Count column is 0 for all policies. In Maintenance Release 3 or newer, this count will be displayed correctly.

Technical Information
To verify location counting is turned off on the SEPM or on a machine using the SEPM remote console, check the local %temp% directory for scm-ui.log. If location counting is turned on, this log will typically contain several entries including calls to "GetObject(getAgentPolicyLocationsByGroupPolicyId)", generated when the policy editor dialog is opened.