Configure Endpoint Protection Manager content revisions to keep
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Configure Endpoint Protection Manager content revisions to keep


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Endpoint Protection


By default, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients are configured to download content updates from their SEPM. These content updates are stored both in the SEPM database, and on disk in the SEPM install directory. The SEPM stores a full version the latest revision of each content type, and  point-to-point delta for past revisions of content. This minimizes the amount of disk space used in both the SEPM database and the SEPM install directory when storing multiple revisions of content.

Use the following procedure to change the number of content revisions kept by SEPM.


The number of content revisions to keep is set by the Management Server Configuration Wizard (MSCW) based on the amount of clients selected. See Default sizing configurations for Endpoint Protection Manager for more informationon the defaults for the version of SEPM installed.

Modify Content revisions to keep

  1. In the SEPM console, click Admin > Servers > Local Site
  2. Click Edit Properties > LiveUpdate
  3. Under Disk Space Management for Downloads, modify Number of content revisions to keep, and click OK to save the changes