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Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager: Installing to a SQL Server 2005 database fails with the error "Cannot connect to the database..."


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Endpoint Protection


Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) using a SQL Server 2005 database fails. The error dialog is labeled "Error - Preparing Database." The dialog contains the message "Cannot connect to the database. Please make sure the database server port is not used by another application and that your password is correct."

Installing SEPM to a SQL database fails, even after verifying that all of the required data is correct (such as username, password, etc.) You have been able to perform successful Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) tests, as well as log in to SQL Server Management Studio using the correct username and password for the "DBA" account. Additionally, if using an existing database, the tests were similarly successful when using the "User" account that owns the database.


The password you have specified for the "User" and/or "DBA" account(s) may contain a special character that causes problems with database authentication.


You must change the password(s) for any relevant account(s) (such as the "User" account that owns the database and/or the "DBA" account.) to conform with the following password rules. The password may contain the characters ~#%_+=|:./ but not the characters `[email protected]$^&*()-{}[]\\<;>,?

Also ensure that, if SQL Server 2000 is being used, SP3 or greater is installed.
To configure the database, run the Management Server Configuration Wizard from the Start menu.