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How to obtain a device ID when creating an Application and Device Policy


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Endpoint Protection


How to obtain a device ID when creating an Application and Device Control (ADC) Policy?


A device ID is the most specific ID for a device. Devices can have either a specific device ID or a more generic ID. For example, you can specify all USB devices that use one device ID or you can choose one specific removable USB disk drive. You must use the device IDs for the devices that you want to add. You can use either the Symantec DevViewer tool or you can use the Windows Device Manager to get the device IDs.

The following is a sample device ID:

You do not have to type the entire string. You can use wildcard characters to
search for device IDs. For example, you can use the following string in a search:

To obtain a device ID from Control Panel

  1. On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Settings > Control Panel > System.
  2. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.
  3. In the Device Manager list, double-click the device.
  4. In the device's Properties dialog box, on the Details tab, select the Device ID.
    By default, the Device ID is the first value displayed.
  5. Press Control+C to copy the ID string.
  6. Click OK or Cancel.

For more information read: "About class IDs" on page 516 of administration_guide.pdf


The Connect forum article How to block or allow device's in Symantec Endpoint Protection offers illustrated guidance.