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If an expiration date was not set on knowledge documents during creation/approval, is there a way to bulk retire documents?


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How to set the expiration date on CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) knowledge documents in bulk.

If an expiration date was not set on knowledge documents during creation/approval, is there a way to bulk retire documents?


CA Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.1 and 17.0All Supported Operating Systems


Yes, the Expiration Date, Review Date and some other fields can be populated or updated via the Export/Import tool for Knowledge Documents.

Please follow the steps below to achieve this.

1.  Logon to CA SDM as an Administrator or an user with Knowledge Administrator permissions.

2.  Navigate to Administration tab->Knowledge->Approval Process Manager->Approval Process Settings.  Enable the option 'User with full permissions may edit documents after they have been published' under the Permissions for Document Edit after publish section.

This change may be set back if needed after the import is completed.

3.  Navigate to Knowledge->Documents->Export/Import->Export/Import Templates and either use the provided "all docs" template or create a new template.

4.  Under the Export Fields tab, select the Title field to be exported.

Under the Export Filter tab, either select a category or leave blank for all.  All other fields are self-explanatory.

Under the Import Settings tab, enable the four (4) check boxes and choose a value in the Expiration Date field.

Save the Template and click the Export button - this will create an export package on the CA SDM server.

4.  Remote to the CA SDM server, navigate to the NX_ROOT\site>\keit\export directory.  Copy the created package and paste into the NX_ROOT\keit\import directory.

5.  Back on the CA SDM interface, navigate to Administration->Knowledge->Documents->Export/Import->Import and verify that the import package is available.  Hover over the package and select import.  View the Import Transactions section to view the progress of the import.

There will now be an expiration date on the documents in questions and once the expiration date is reached, the documents will automatically retire.

Additional Information

Note: If a large number of knowledge documents need to be updated, consider performing multiple exports/imports, for example per Knowledge Category.